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Take my hand.

16 September
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Chealsea is love
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89x, a static lullaby, a&w, afi, aim, alexsonfire, all american rejects, amber strasburg, aol instant messenger, ap, arcades, atreyu, audios, band, baskin robins, bass, being bored, being crazy, being lazy, being smart, books, borders book store, bowling, boys night out, brand new, candy, cedar point, cell phones, cheese, choclate, christmas, coheed and cambria, computers, crackjaw, dan brown, dcs, dead poetic, degrassi, designed by you, digital fortress, dogs, donnie darko, doughnuts, emery, etid, every time i die, everytime i die, fairs, fear factor, finch, fire, food, funeral for a friend, glasseater, google, green apple jones soda, green day, guitar, halo, halo 2, harry potter, having a fun time, hoobastank, hot topic, ice cream, jone's soda, jones soda, kill bill, kill bill vol. 1+2, laughing at stupid people, lighting things on fire, little ceasars, local bands, lost prophets, luti-kriss, mae, making new friends, marshmallows, matchbook romance, matches, mcr, mest, microsoft's xbox, modest mouse, money, movies, mtv, mtv2, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, nbc, new found glory, new years, norma jean, pac sun, pacific sunwear, paintball, pickles, pizza, pizza hut, playstation 2, ps2, radio free roscoe, real world, robin cook, robotics, roller coasters, salad, scary movie trilogy, senses fail, shadows fall, silent hero, six flags, skateboarding, sleeping, snow, sparta, spiderman 1+2, stephen king, story of the year, stuff, sub way, sugarcult, swimming, taco bell, taking back sunday, talking to people, target, tcm, texas chainsaw masacre, the da vinci code, the juliana theory, the killers, the n, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the used, three days grace, thrice, throwdown, thursday, tony hawk, toxin, trumpet, tv, vans, video games, xbox, yellowcard